Why I love Genealogy #1: Every time you find one person, there are two more to find!

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May 4, 2017

Genealogy research is the puzzle that never ends, never has a border, and never gets solved.  I searched for my grandfather’s grandmother’s people for over three years.  Stalling me was a combination of old records (1820s and 30s), a surname spelled three ways (Boudro, Boudreau, Boudreaux), a tri-fecta of first names used at various times (Julie Antoinette Almaide) and the occupation of New Orleans during the Civil War (1862).

A trip with my mom Diana to the small research room of the German American Cultural Center in Gretna held the answer.  Guided by a volunteer, I looked through the Archdiocese of New Orleans sacramental records in book form, which are alphabetical.  I had previously spurred these, as the dates ended in 1830-31, and I thought my ancestor was born in 1832.  To my joy, there she was!  Born in 1828 and making the cutoff in the second to last book!  And not only did I find Julie Antoinette Almaide Boudreau, but the baptism entry listed her father, mother, and both sets of grandparents.  Genealogy Gold.  That’s reason#1 I love New Orleans Genealogy– in finding one, now there are six more ancestors to find.

Julie Antoinette Almaide Boudreau’s baptism entry and cover of the source hardback.

German American Cultural Center:    www.gacc-nola.org